Care Coordination

Care Coordination

The purpose of the Care Coordination Program is to reduce the number of involuntary commitments that occur in Mercer, McDowell and Wyoming Counties. Our approach is one of a system of proactive, rather than reactive strategies, services, and supports. This program targets individuals with severe mental illness and co-occurring disorders of mental illness and substance dependence, with the primary focus being prevention/diversion of involuntary commitments and a reduction of voluntary inpatient admissions. We do this by helping the person build or re-build a strong natural support system thereby keeping the person in the least restrictive environment. We work to educate individuals and families about mental wellness and encourage compliance with physician guided treatment. We are able to access community resources that they may not be aware of and link individuals with services and supports that are appropriate to their needs.

We accomplish this by identifying the individual's patterns of involuntary commitments and voluntary admissions in times of crisis; we then assess the individual's current social, legal, physical, psychological, financial and ADL service/support needs. Service provision is unique to the individual and can include a one time financial assistance in obtaining medication to ensure compliance with prescribed medications, access to other services in the community such as support groups and WVDHHR programs, and linkage to housing resources. We can ensure the individual is receiving any entitlements they qualify for, assist with resolution of issues leading up to homelessness when possible, and provide overall support of the individual to ensure they have access to medical care and have transportation to all psychiatric appointments.

Our Care Coordination Program works with other programs within Southern Highlands to reduce involuntary hospitalizations and repeat voluntary admissions. We can work with individuals who have a mental illness and/or a substance dependence diagnosis obtain detoxification and residential treatment versus commitment. The team of Care Coordinator's can be you or your loved one's first stop on the road to recovery and healing.

If you have questions regarding a referral to the program please contact:

Care Coordination Supervisor
304-425-9541 x.1319

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