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Southern Highlands CMHC - Adult Day Services

Adult Day Services

Our Adult Day Service programs focus on the improvement of functional activities of daily living, the replacement of maladaptive behaviors, maintaining the consumer's present level of functioning and/or increasing job skills. It is our goal that by addressing these needs we can support the consumer in maintaining his/her residency in the community by providing the services necessary for the consumer to be as successful and satisfied as possible in his/her living, learning and/or work environments. Adult Day Services are provided to consumers accepted into the program following Interdisciplinary Treatment Team approval. Programming is based on assessed strengths and functional deficits of the individual consumer. Individualized plans are developed and implemented, with the consumer's progress being measured at specified intervals.

This service is available to I/DD Waiver Recipients and is designed to assist the individual in increasing his/her level of independent functioning or maintaining his/her current skill level through a program of skill teaching, supervision, and, if needed, behavioral interventions. The service must be provided away from the consumer’s place of residence and takes place in natural community settings or at the center. Ratios will be based on consumer need and fund source requirements.

The pre-vocational service is available at the Princeton Center only, to both I/DD and mentally ill adults. Consumers with assessed needs that include pre-vocational training work with other disabled adults in a supervised training environment. Wages are determined by semi-annual wage evaluations completed as required for sub-minimum, handicapped worker payments as required by The Department of Labor for Sheltered Workshop Licensure. The original assessment will be filed in the clinical record and a copy maintained within the program site. Consumers will be paid sub-minimum wages for productive work on a monthly basis and are covered by Workers' Compensation. Biannual application for Department of Labor Sheltered Workshop license is the responsibility of the Princeton Center Adult Day Services Coordinator.